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Roasted Premium English Orthodox Black Tea from the foothills of Darjeeling | Jyoti Agro Farm 100g

Roasted Premium English Orthodox Black Tea from the foothills of Darjeeling | Jyoti Agro Farm 100g

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High Quality Roasted Orthodox Black Tea with Smoky flavour and Delightful fragrance.

  • Made from freshly plucked fine leaves from the foothills of Darjeeling.

  • Specialty Leaf tea processed indigenously, under the early morning sunlight.

  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol. Acts as an antioxidant, hence helps in reduced ageing.

  • Low Caffeine content.

  • Helps you stay hydrated. Boosts mental health and calms mind.

  • Enhanced and Polished Smoke-infused flavour and taste, with Rich and Pleasant aroma.

  • Bright Golden Liquor.

  • A quality product from MINTRI TEA.

Also available in Bulk packaging, kindly fill the enquiry form and we will get back to you.


Loose Leaf Tea.

No added Preservatives.

How to use

Bring fresh water to boil. Add 1 teaspoon of loose leaves in a kettle. Pour the boiled water over the loose tea leaves, and cover the kettle with a lid. Allow the tea to brew for 2-3 minutes. If a stronger cup is desired, simply steep the tea longer. Strain into a cup, and add sugar or honey as per taste. Enjoyed best without milk. The strained tea leaves can be used to make atleast one more cup of tea.


Ships within 48 working hours, i.e 2 days.

Return policy

We will Provide Replacements /Accept Returns only incase of Incorrect Product getting Shipped Or DAMAGED Products for No Extra Charge.

Damaged here refers to

  • Products which are Physically Tampered with at the time of receipt.
  • Customers are encouraged to not accept deliveries if they think that the product has been tampered with.
  • Please ensure that when you return the Package, it’s in the same condition as received, no Tags, stickers are removed, they should be available even if removed. Once removed it becomes liable to Rejection of Claims.

In cases other than the one(s) mentioned above, would be unable to process any returns!

We try to ensure that our consumers get what they ordered for. Still if they think that the Tea has left them wanting, we would like for our consumers to drop a mail at:

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