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Black Gold Select | Assorted Premium CTC Chai | 500g pack

Black Gold Select | Assorted Premium CTC Chai | 500g pack

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Made from tea leaves picked up from the best tea gardens, a cup of this tea will give you enough energy to conquer the world and leave everyone behind. Feel refreshed with an assured strong taste.

  • Premium Quality CTC chai selected and blended from our experts at MINTRI TEA

  • Perfect cup of chai to delight you & your loved ones.

  • Enjoy the superior balance of rich taste, strong body liquor, and tantalising aroma that shall brighten up your day.

  • Assorted blend of CTC tea, tastes best with milk.

  • Packed in a plastic jar of 500grams



No added Preservatives.

How to use

 A Step by Step Guide on
how to prepare a proper cup of Indian Chai. (input by Mr. K K Mintri, Tea Veteran)

1. Firstly, put One cup (approx. 150ml) of Fresh Tap Water to boil.
Do NOT use pre-boiled water.

2. Boil the water upto 90 degree Celsius. Do NOT use underboiled water.

3. Once it reaches the aforementioned temperature put 3 grams of tea leaves + extra 1 tea spoon of the same.
(Please note if you are making more than one cup, you should multiply 3 grams with the number of cups, and also add 1 extra tea spoon of tea. For eg, if you are making 3 cups, put 9 grams + 1 extra tea spoon.)

4. Simmer the gas, and allow the liquor to be extracted for approximately 3 minutes.

5. Add milk as per your preference. We suggest 2 tea spoons of milk per cup of tea. Leave it on boil for roughly 45 seconds to 1 minute.

6. Switch off the stove, add sugar (as per preference) in your cup.
We advise against the adding of sugar during preparation, due to health hazards that can be caused by the starch content in the sugar.

7. Pour the tea into your cup, stir well, and enjoy a perfect cup of methodically prepared delicious tea.

Note: If you wish to prepare a cup of tea with cardamom, ginger, or any other ingredient, we advise to add them during ‘step 1.’


Ships within 48 working hours, i.e 2 days.

Return policy

We will Provide Replacements /Accept Returns only incase of Incorrect Product getting Shipped Or DAMAGED Products for No Extra Charge.

Damaged here refers to

  • Products which are Physically Tampered with at the time of receipt.
  • Customers are encouraged to not accept deliveries if they think that the product has been tampered with.
  • Please ensure that when you return the Package, it’s in the same condition as received, no Tags, stickers are removed, they should be available even if removed. Once removed it becomes liable to Rejection of Claims.

In cases other than the one(s) mentioned above, would be unable to process any returns!

We try to ensure that our consumers get what they ordered for. Still if they think that the Tea has left them wanting, we would like for our consumers to drop a mail at:

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