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The Story of Mintri Tea

M/s. Jyoti Agricultural Exports Limited was founded by Mr. K K Mintri in the year 1999. As he aimed towards building a reputation in the agriculture industry, the company started the cultivation of Black Pepper, Arecanut, and coffee on a bio farm. To enhance the quality of our products, we ensure that the Vermicompost manure is created here at the site for application on the farm. The technology involves the fertilization of soil through the regeneration of earthworms.


Furthermore, Since this area falls within the district of Darjeeling, the unique climate and soil strata help in achieving a different and special taste, like the world-famous Darjeeling tea.


In 2017, the company brought the Mintri Family’s decades-old tea occupation into the fold and acquired the reputed brand of “Mintri Tea.” Since then, the brand- “Mintri Tea” has been operating under M/S. Jyoti Agricultural Exports Limited.


In 2019, keeping “Mintri Tea” as the parent brand, we launched our finest CTC blends in “Jyoti Agro Farm” while also renovating the renowned “Black Gold” blend.


In 2021, using the years of experience and expertise of the ‘Mintri Tea’ family we have launched our finest collection of luxurious Gourmet Whole Leaf Teas, processed and produced at the foothills of Darjeeling.

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Timeline of Mintri Tea

Late Shri O.M Mintri was a well-known social worker and Trade Agent to the Government of Bhutan. He was also the Vice-Chairman & then the Chairman of Kalimpong Municipality for 25 years at a stretch.

He came from a noble family. His father Late Shri. Raibahadur Ram Chandra Mintri was the first Indian Businessman to go to Tibet for Trade from Kalimpong by the Jelepla Pass. The RC Mintri Road was named in honour of Shri. Raibahadur Ram Chandra Mintri is home to the main market of Kalimpong.


Apart from this, he is a well-known social worker who has been associated with many organizations throughout his career. Some of his notable achievements are as follows:


  • Chairman of Terai Indian Planters’ Association.
  • Chairman of Siliguri Tea Auction Committee.
  • Senate member of the University of North Bengal.
  • Evaluation & Development Committee member of Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority.
  • Governing member of Siliguri College of Commerce.
  • Managing committee member of Don-Bosco School, Siliguri.
  • Chairman of Education Committee of Uttar Banga Maheshwari Sewa Trust.
  • Senior Vice President of Uttar Banga Maheshwari Seva Trust.
  • Advisor to Governing body of Siliguri Tea Auction Committee.
  • Zonal Committee member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)   


  • Vice President of Hari Har Seva Shram.

It was during his passion that he founded M/S. Jyoti Agricultural Exports Limited is the company that now owns and proudly promotes the brand- “Mintri Tea.”

At present, Bhavesh is working on building “Mintri Tea” not only as a global brand but also as a story of a rich heritage that can be told through a fine cup of pure Indian tea. 


Our journey into the tea industry began when the former Superintendent of the erstwhile East India Company, Mr Robert Simpson Hamilton, sold his tea plantations to Late Shri O.M Mintri.


In the year 1958, he escorted the Late Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in his new Plymouth Car WGX 1 during his first visit to Darjeeling Hills & Sikkim.


Owing to the ill-health of Shri O.M Mintri, his son Mr K K Mintri stepped into the responsibility of taking the Mintri legacy forward. Mr K K Mintri has been serving in the tea industry for the last 45 years. He is trained by the TOKLAI Research Association and is a widely renowned veteran of the industry. 


Apart from tea, Mr K K Mintri has also tried his hands on other agricultural products like coffee, supari, black pepper, turmeric, and so on. All these products were organically grown and sold under the banner of “Jyoti Agro Farm”, which was the pet project of Mr K K Mintri.

Mr K K Mintri today with his son, Mr Bhavesh Kr Mintri works in partnership in taking the Mintri legacy to new heights.