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About us.

M/s. Jyoti Agricultural Exports Limited was founded by Mr. K K Mintri in the year 1999. With an aim to build up a reputation in the agriculture industry, the company started the cultivation of Black Pepper, Arecanut, and coffee in a biofarm. To enhance the quality of our product we ensure that the Vermi compost manure is created here at site for application in the farm. The technology involves fertilisation of soil through the regeneration of earth worms.

Furthermore, Since this area falls within the district of Darjeeling, the unique climate and soil strata helps in the coffee having a different taste, like the world famous Darjeeling Tea. Coffee beans are sold in cherry form to wholesellers only. The green coffee beans are naturally dried under the sun to get the real wholesome taste.

In the year 2017, the company brought in the Mintri Family's decades old tea occupation into the fold and acquired the reputed brand of "Mintri Tea." Since then the brand "Mintri Tea" has been operating under M/S. Jyoti Agricultural Exports Limited.

Keeping "Mintri Tea" as a parent brand, we have launched our finest blend in "Jyoti Agro Farm", while also renovating the renowned "Black Gold" blend.

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