Our Blends

Black Gold Legacy

An extension of our of our Flagship blend, Black Gold, we have taken our game to absolutely next level with "The Black Gold Legacy."

Launched in August 2019, The Black Gold Legacy has already started to create its own reputation in the markets of South Bengal, Karnataka, Sikkim, and hopefully some more. 

The exquistely plucked long leaves blended with premium quality tea brings about a unique, strong and flavourful taste that you will relish throughout the day. An absolute treat for the tea-lovers. Tastes best with a dash of milk and sugar.

Enquire about 'Blackgold Legacy' at : blackgoldtea@mintritea.com

Jyoti Agro Farm

Mornings in India are incomplete without a cup of tea. It has become a part of life. It has not only become India's most preferred refreshment but also an integral part of our Indian culture. And it is exactly what our blend of 'Jyoti Agro Farm' symbolizes to be. An embodiment of what can be called Pure Indian Tea.

Launching in 2019, we aim to be a part of every conversation that happens at a tea stall in the corner of the street, or every get together that takes place at the comfort of your home. We want to be there in the chilling cold, we want to be there in the drizzling rain. We want to be there in your celebrations, we want to be there in your deliberations, and we want to be there when you need the warmth. We want to be right there, brewing in your cups.

Enquire about ‘Jyoti Agro Farm’ at : jyotiagrofarm@mintritea.com